Be Safe Digital School

Be Safe Digital School aims to provide accredited digital education online to Sudanese students who do not have easy access to formal education after the students were affected by the war. The school provides educational materials across the Sudanese curriculum for the basic, intermediate, and secondary levels, based on self-learning, interactive simulation, and game-based learning, all supported by data analysis systems and artificial intelligence. The initiative particularly targets students affected by war, refugees and marginalized communities regardless of their socio-economic and educational backgrounds.

Be Safe School Vision:
Providing the opportunity for education to everyone using modern technology through a professional digital platform and qualified teachers that are consistent with the values and principles of society and keep pace with technical development in modern education.

School mission:
1. Achieving effective community participation that takes into account the humanitarian conditions that affected Sudanese society during the period of war and the displacement to which citizens were exposed.
2. Establishing a culture of digital transformation and e-learning.
3. Continuous training for teachers, professionally and technically.
4. Providing a safe learning environment and equal opportunities for learners to obtain a distinguished digital education that enables them to think scientifically and possess skills and value

Faith in Allah Almighty and commitment to the nation’s faith
Innovation and continuous improvement.

Be Safe School seeks to achieve the following goals:
1. Providing students with distinct and integrated educational experiences
2. Developing the student’s personality from the cognitive and social aspects.
3. Improving the quality of education.
4. Developing students’ teaching and learning skills.
5. Providing educational opportunities for all segments of society.
6. Contributing to community educational issues for those who are financially distressed
7. Providing accredited digital education online for students who do not have easy access to formal education in Sudan and the rest of the world